Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling Explained

Holistic counselling brings an important focus to the counselling process. Many forms of counselling focus just on the thinking mind, but we are far more than the thoughts in our mind. We have an emotional life and a soul life and we live in a physical body. We need to learn how to connect with and manage each of these aspects of our being if we are to experience well being and satisfaction. Holistic counselling takes all of these aspects of our life into consideration.


Most of us receive very little education about our emotions and so we expend a lot of energy trying to avoid painful feelings. It is possible however to develop an inner capacity so that we do not have to be afraid of any emotion. I encourage people to come to an acceptance of their own inner emotional experience so they can become more balanced and emotionally mature. This is an important aspect of holistic counselling.


Love is the foundation of human life and there is an ageless wisdom that teaches us that the source of this love is inside us. I therefore assist people to connect to their soul through their inner heart so that they can feel the warmth of their own love within. This is the foundation of holistic counselling.


Connecting with and developing our true self may involve gentle meditation and body-focusing. This assists the process of releasing and healing stored emotional issues. Holistic counselling encourages clients to connect with their body so they can access the deeper wisdom within.


There is a point to living in the physical world; it is to evolve and bring more of the soul’s love into life. It is pointless being spiritual in isolation – any spiritual practise needs to be embedded in our everyday life - we need to bring ourselves fully into the world. This is the intention of holistic counselling.

This is the true purpose of evolution – we ask ourselves: how much of our soul’s love can we bring into life.