MY CHARITY - all money raised goes directly to this family.

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An extra room is being built for the Leuy family as the oldest child is now 19 and needs some space for herself and studying.  We are happy to announce, we raised and sent them AUD $527 which will supply 6 months rice, some money for Christmas and also to finish the extension.  Thank you to all who donated.


I am raising funds for a single mum with 5 kids in Cambodia who has had health problems this year and has been unable to work.  Work for Loun is 12 hours in a rice patty, bent over picking rice for US.50 cents per day.  The money being raised will go towards paying her medical expenses, purchasing 20kg of rice at US$50 which will last her a month and daily necessities for her and the children.  I have met this family personally and was saddened by what I saw in the conditions they live in.  This lady has no family and the Cambodian government gives no support.  Without donations, this family will starve.  The family are very grateful for the support we have been able to give her for the past 6 months while she recovers.  Please open your hearts and any amount, no matter how small will mean a great deal not only to the family but myself included.....thank you and blessings Wilhelmina.  For further information on this family, please visit my website

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